Why You Should Take Your Dad Bowling on Father’s Day

Take Your Dad Bowling on Father’s Day

With Father’s Day coming up soon, you may be mulling around ideas for what to do for dear day to make the occasion a special one. While you could buy him a new tie or a gadget, something that dad might love more than a present is an experience. Parents love spending time with their kids, and we know just the place to get some bonding time in. We’ll share a few reasons why you should choose a bowling centre like The Planet to celebrate Father’s Day this year.

It’s a Ton of Fun

Even if you haven’t been bowling in ages, it’s still a whole lot of fun. In fact, those who haven’t spent any time bowling recently may realize how exciting it is and make it a new routine. Rolling bowls down the lane and spending time with family is something that dad will love and both of you can enjoy the experience. Watching your dad hit a strike will likely put a smile on both of your faces.

Anyone Can Play

Bowling centres are places anyone can have a good time. There are bumpers available for young kids or those who need them for other reasons. Nobody is expected to be great at the game, although it certainly can be fun to win a round. What’s fun is playing and spending time with your parent in an atmosphere that is exciting and full of entertainment.

Physical Exercise

If dad is getting a bit older, you might have worries about his health. If that’s the case, bowling is a fantastic option for Father’s Day. It’s a low-key activity, but it also gets you both moving. Getting a little exercise is never a bad thing, especially for someone who is getting older. When it’s also a lot of fun, you aren’t going to hear complaints about the process. You never know, taking dad bowling might lead to him visiting again and ensuring his best health.

It’s Inexpensive

When you compare bowling to the typical Father’s Day activities, you’ll find that it’s ultra-affordable. Not only is the bowling itself a bargain, but you can also grab some food and drinks at the bowling centre. There are plenty of options to fit your tastes and those of your dad. If you aren’t sure you have the cash for an expensive present or a dinner out, bowling is a good solution without emptying your wallet.

For Father’s Day fun, taking your dad to The Planet for some awesome bowling in Ireland. You can be sure to have a ton of fun while spending time with someone who matters to you. Dad will be glad to have the time together for the special day.

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