The Many Benefits of Playing Pool

While many people consider pool a casual game that can be found in pubs and bowling centres, there are several benefits to choosing this hobby. It can help keep you mentally agile while even improving your physical health. This may not be why you play pool, but it certainly adds another aspect to the next game you jump into. The next time someone asks why you spend time playing pool, you’ll have some great answers beyond it being fun and exciting.

Pool Burns Calories

Pool isn’t a strenuous activity. It isn’t like football or other sports where you end up out of breath after a few minutes of playing. However, every movement you make is burning calories, which is a plus for anyone attempting to get fit or lose weight. Just walking around the table so many times during a game can add up to a ton of walking exercise. When you compare that to sitting on the couch with the television on, pool clearly has the advantage.

Pool Helps Build Focus

When you are attempting to come up with the best move, working to perfect your break, or staring down the perfect angle for your shot, you’re also using a ton of focus. Anything you do while you try to win a game of pool helps build your ability to focus. Learning to do this makes it easier to pay attention to details and focus on other tasks in your daily life. Playing pool is a great way to strengthen these skills, which will give you an edge in your everyday tasks.

Pool Improves Critical Thinking

In the same way that, pool can offer you better focus, it can also have an effect on building up your critical thinking skills. This moves beyond the table and into your daily life and can make you a more capable person at work and beyond. When you are attempting to learn a new shot or determine the right angle for a shot, you’re doing logical and step by step thinking that can translate into other areas of your life.

Pool Can Slow Aging

It might sound crazy, but a study done recently shows that men who play pool and have drinks with each other offers them a chance to be more active than they otherwise would. The healthy socialising and cardio that comes from playing a game of pool can help you feel younger and prevent you from aging too quickly.

The next time you play a game of pool, keep these facts in mind. Hitting up the bowling centre can not only be fun, it can also make you healthier both mentally and physically. It’s just one more reason to play if you find it fun.

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