Why the Bowling Centre is the Perfect Spot for a Teen Birthday Party

With a child who is in their teen years, it can be more difficult to come up with the right theme for a birthday party. For a younger child, having some party bags, cake, and a game or two can do the job. A teenager might want something a bit flashier and having their party at a venue like a bowling centre can seriously up the ante of the event. The good news is that when you choose a bowling centre, part of the planning is done for you. We’ll go over some of the reasons this is the perfect venue for a teen’s birthday party.

Less Need to Prepare

If you have a bunch of teenagers over to your own home for a party, that means a lot of work. You must plan everything from food to games, decorations, and invites. You also must get your home looking good before the party starts. That’s a lot of work and having a venue other than your home takes part of the pressure off you. All you have to do is get things set up with the bowling centre and invite people.

More Freedom

Attempting to get everyone on board with activities at a teen birthday party at your home can take a lot of effort. When you go somewhere with entertainment, food, and fun, that makes things a lot easier on everyone. The birthday kid and their friends can hang out wherever they want at the bowling centre and do what appeals to them. Teens can come and go as they like without you stressing over all the details.

No Need to Clean Up

Even a low-key teenage birthday party can get messy. By the time the night is over, you may be cleaning up messes and spills. When you book a party at a bowling centre, the clean-up isn’t something you have to deal with yourself. With someone else handling most of the planning, that is no longer a chore you must stress about. Let the workers take care of all those extra considerations you don’t want to deal with.

More Relaxing

When you’re posting a teen birthday party at your own home, you’re going to be on your feet all night making sure things are going smoothly. While it might seem strange, having the party at another location can be less stressful for you. Staff are there to make sure things are going well so you can relax or join in the fun yourself.

Bowling centres are a great location for teen birthday parties and often quite affordable. All you have to do is book a party and you’re ready to go on the special day!

Tips for Hosting a Science Themed Birthday Party

Do you have a budding scientist in the house? If so, there’s nothing like a science-themed birthday party to blow their socks off on the special day. You can have a party for the little girl or boy at your home or pick an exciting venue like a bowling centre with laser tag so the kids can burn off some energy before the cake is cut. We’ll share some tips for how to make this a party that will never be forgotten by the birthday kid and guests alike.

Party Goody Bags

Everyone likes to bring home a party goody bag from a birthday party and that’s no different if you’re going with a scientist theme. Some snacks that work well with the theme are cake pops, gummy worms served in Petri dishes and cookies that are shaped like flasks. You could even go with plastic lab tubes filled with Skittles or chocolate candies. Things like magnifying glasses, slime, and nerdy glasses are also perfect fits.

Costumes for the Kids

Want to make the party even more immersive? Pick up some cheap lab coats for kids and let each child wear one. Depending on the party location, you could even make this a fun crafting activity where the kids use paint and glitter to jazz up the coats. If that’s not possible, the kids can always take the coats home after and use them for playtime.

Food for the Party

There are lots of options going with the science-themed birthday party vibe. Candies in flasks, colourful drinks, and gummy animals are simple. You can go with cupcakes in various colours and make some gummy labware to place on top of the frosting. The bowling centre will have things like chicken nuggets and sandwiches to go with the sweet treats you bring to make the party a hit. If you want a traditional cake, think about putting the periodic table on top of it so it fits your theme.

Party Decoration Ideas

A simple white tablecloth will make your colourful treats stand out or you can choose one with a science design. Get a backdrop of your little scientist’s favourite subject and use that to tie everything in together. That might be an anatomy poster, collage of reptiles, or a colourful poster of geodes. That combined with the lab flasks full of candy will really pull the room together.

Putting together an excellent birthday party doesn’t have to be a ton of trouble. Make a reservation for a party table at your favourite bowling centre and get things started. You won’t have to do all the planning and can instead enjoy the fun along with the youngsters.

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Try Something Different and Bowl the New Year In

Try Something Different and Bowl the New Year In

There are a few specific things that a lot of people choose to do when it comes time to ring in the New Year. Some people reserve a spot at a pub or restaurant to party with family and friends. Others go to a friend’s house to drink and hang out. The rest typically stay at home and watch the New Year come in before heading to bed. If you want something different to do this year, what about heading to a bowling centre? We’ll give you all the details on why this could be the most exciting destination available on New Year’s Eve.

Family-Friendly Fun

If you have kids, going to a bar or a rowdy party may not be appropriate. At a bowling centre in Athlone, you can all enjoy a few rounds tossing a ball down the lane. Bring along some friends and make it into a party that everyone can enjoy. Some centres offer deals for families where a certain number of adults can kids can bowl as much as they want between certain hours.

Low-Cost Form of Entertainment

Bowling isn’t exactly an expensive activity, which can be a good thing if you’re on a budget or want to bring a group of people to hang out for New Year. The bowling itself is inexpensive and if you want to grab snacks and beverages, those are usually at an excellent price point too. Some bowling centres also offer adult beverages so the older in the group can have just as much of a good time as the kids will.

Try Laser Tag

If you want to try something a little different, consider laser tag to ring in the New Year. You can have a lot of fun and kids over six can join in on the game. You get special lighting, fog, and music to make your heart start pounding. You can play on teams or individually and fight to see who does the best. It’s a safe and fun experience that will be a great precursor to the New Year coming in.

Soft Play for Kids

The little ones can hang out in the soft play area while everyone else is bowling strikes nearby. Find a play area with bouncing castles, ball ponds, and rope bridges so your kids can work off some of their excess energy. By the time you head home, everyone will be ready to sleep without the typical protests.

There’s no better bowling centre in Ireland than the Planet. We offer bowling, laser tag, and much more to fill your holiday with joy. Whether you’re coming alone or with a group, you can expect to see inexpensive prices for a super fun way to kick off the New Year.

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Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Child’s Birthday Party

Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Child’s Birthday Party

While it can be a lot of fun to host a child’s birthday party, there’s a lot of planning that must go into it as well. Thankfully, there are many resources out there to inspire ideas for making the party one that will really shine. If you are currently in the beginning of the planning stage regarding your child’s birthday party, we’re here to help. We’re going to share a few tips to make planning easier and ensure everyone has a fantastic time at the party when the day comes.

Think About Time of Day

If your child is small, it’s a good idea to consider whether the time of the party is right for the guests. You don’t want to end up inadvertently scheduling your party during nap time when all the little ones will be cranky. It’s a better idea to make it a little earlier in the day or just a bit later. If the child is outside of the realm of nap time, you have more flexibility in terms of when to hold the party. Teens and pre-teens might prefer an early evening while toddlers might be better off with a party in the late morning.

Find Exciting Entertainment

There’s nothing more important than offering entertainment that guests will love. If you are watching the money you spend on your party, this is where most of it should go. The kids need something to engage them in between eating and present unwrapping. This is where throwing a party at a bowling party can offer everything you need. You get a fun game that the kids and even the adults can take part in, along with snacks, beverages, and more.

Make Sure You Have Goody Bags

Goody bags are a must when you are having a child’s birthday party. You don’t have to fill them with expensive toys or electronics, either. Instead, try some little fun things like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, stickers, Play-Doh, and temporary tattoos. If you want to add in some snacks, think about things like Goldfish crackers or popcorn. Trust us, it doesn’t really matter what’s in the bag, kids are just going to be excited to have something to open and play with. Make sure to put a name on each goody bag to make things streamlined.

Consider a Unique Theme

You want to be sure the birthday boy or girl feels like the party takes their personality in mind. There’s no better option than to build a theme into the party. If you have a toddler who really loves certain sports, character, or activity, make that a running theme throughout the decorations, goody bags, and even the birthday cake. If the child is old enough, let them help choose the right option.

At this point, you have everything you need to host an amazing birthday party for a little one. Make sure you book space at your favourite bowling centre early and start planning. Everyone will have an amazing time and you’ll be able to pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

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Christmas Party Ideas You Can Incorporate into a Trip to the Bowling Centre

Christmas Party Ideas You Can Incorporate into a Trip to the Bowling Centre

Christmastime is often filled with activities and travelling, not to mention all the parties that tend to crop up during the holiday season. If you’re hosting a party and want to make the most of it, we have some Christmas party ideas to help you along. The bowling centre is a great location for a holiday party. It’s inexpensive, has entertainment, and even offers food and drinks. We have some ideas for your next Christmas party that can take place right on the lanes at Planet Athlone.

Why the Bowling Centre

There are tons of reasons to seek out a high-quality bowling centre for your holiday get-togethers. For one, there is plenty of space there and it’s easy to sign up for a private party if you plan to bring a crowd together. On top of that, there’s entertainment that appeals to everyone. Kids, teens, and adults all enjoy bowling. Even if a few of the holiday guests aren’t big on it, there are other options like laser tag or pool to take advantage of. Beyond that, bowling centres serve great food and drink which gives you one less thing to worry about.

Christmas Jumper Party

Nothing makes a Christmas party more fun than having a theme around it. Why not go with the fun of an Christmas jumper party? Get together your friends, family, or co-workers and let them know that they should wear the ugliest, tackiest, most ridiculous sweater than can find. Everyone will have a blast looking at what each guest comes dressed in, which will add laughs and fun to the event. Have a small prize for the worst sweater that comes to ramp things up a little bit.

White Elephant Party

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have fun and share gifts on Christmas. A white elephant party is something everyone can do, even those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on the holiday. Everyone brings a gag gift to the exchange, all wrapped up. Set a spending limit to keep things simple and allow everyone to participate. You can swap gifts before or after you bowl a few games with the people you cherish.

Christmas Movie Theme

Have a favourite Christmas movie that the whole family gets into? Use that as inspiration for your holiday bowling party. You can bring some decorations, ask everyone to dress up like a character, and more. It’s something even the kids can have fun with.

At the Planet, we’re happy to help you create a great Christmas party for you and your guests. We’ll supply the entertainment, all you have to supply are the people. It’s a win-win situation.

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Tips for Winning a Game of Laser Tag

Tips for Winning a Game of Laser Tag

If you are heading to your first game of laser tag at the local bowling alley, you may be wondering how you can make it look like you’re a professional. While you aren’t going to be an expert just by reading a few tips, it can certainly give you a fighting chance in a game. We’ve compiled a few of the best tricks to make use of in the arena to have a good time and keep up with everyone else. Nobody will have any idea it was your first time.

Always Be Moving

If you do nothing else from this list, keep this tip in mind at all times. You should constantly be on the move during a game of laser tag. You might find yourself tired a few minutes in and you can rest, but first, you want to find a spot where you can see the action to protect yourself while you get your breath. The reality of the game is that when you are moving, it’s harder to hit you. So run, walk, and roll around as much as possible to make the game harder for everyone else.

Take in the Surroundings

As soon as you are able, you want to get a map of the arena in your brain. Look for areas where you have a nice vantage point for rest. Know what areas are too open and dangerous to take advantage of. It might take some time to truly learn the ins and outs of the area, but once you do, you’ll be a much more formidable opponent. Take the time to run around and take it all in early and you’ll do better in the long run.

Go for Quantity Over Quality

Unless you have lots of experience sniping, it’s better to go for quantity instead of quality in your shots. It’s likely you’ll make more points shooting at targets in general than waiting and trying to get an accurate shot. Some people never get great at sniping and that’s okay, you can still do well without that skill. As long as you’re taking shots and hitting some of them, the points will add up quicker than you think.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Assuming the laser tag game at your favourite bowling centre is dark with illumination from black lights and laser guns, dark comfortable clothing is the best option. White and light clothes will make you stand out and get you targeted. The best option is comfortable black clothes. You also want to avoid tight-fitting clothes since it’s harder to move around in them.

Don’t worry, with these tips you’ll do great at your first laser tag game. Keep moving, shoot at targets, and have fun. That’s what really counts in the end.

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Throwing an Incredible Pirate Party for Kids

If you’re looking for an amazing idea for a birthday party that lets your child show off their adventurous side, a pirate themed party might be right for your little one. The best thing about this theme is that you have tons of options available to you. You can add fun touches that the children will love, and the party can easily be transferred to whatever venue you choose for the entertainment and snacks. We’ll give you some tips for throwing the perfect pirate party for a child.

Pirate Themed Decorations

One of the benefits of a pirate-themed birthday part is that it can work outdoors or in an indoor venue. Some of the common colour choices for this type of party are red and black or blue and black. This gives you the chance to incorporate the accent colour into everything you plan. If you want to cover the tables, try a striped cloth for that pirate flair the kids will love. You can also incorporate flags and maps to give that adventure vibe to the birthday party. Fake coins and costume jewellery can also be popped in small chests to make the decorations really pop.

Entertainment and Games

The most appropriate game for a pirate-themed party is a treasure hunt. This is something the adults can have a lot of fun creating. Make a map with clues and let the children go off in teams to see who finds the treasure. This could be something as simple as a treasure chest with chocolate coins, temporary tattoos, and stickers. For those who prefer a party indoors, a venue like a bowling centre makes the entertainment easy. Bowling, laser tag, and soft play will all be incorporated at Planet Athlone.

Food and Drinks Done Pirate Style

There are tons of food choices that meet the pirate theme while being tasty for the kids and the adults at the party. You can go with any sort of dessert-like cake pops or Rice Krispy treats and add a flag on top to meet the theme. If your venue offers food, child-friendly options like sausages or chicken nuggets also give off the pirate vibe. Add some cookies and juice and everyone will be happy.

The Perfect Birthday Party Bags

Even if you go with the treasure hunt game, you want to incorporate goody bags, so every child has something to open and enjoy at the party. Things that fit the pirate motif include plastic golden jewellery, bandanas, or even play swords so the kids can feel like a pirate at home.

If your little boy or girl is the adventurous sort or simply loves pirate movies, a pirate party is simple and easy to put together. Make sure to get in touch with your favourite bowling centre to host the party and then bring in what you need to make the party come alive.

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The Bowling Centre Might Be Ideal for Your Child’s Birthday Party

You might think a bowling birthday party is better for a tween or teen, but it can be a lot of fun for a younger child, as well. In fact, there are a ton of reasons why you should consider a bowling alley for your child’s birthday. Sometimes the hassle of planning an entire party on your own can be stressful and hosting it at a bowling centre takes some of the stress off of you. We’ll share some other reasons this might be the right option for you and your child.

No Need to Worry About Weather

Even if your child’s birthday is on a day that is expected to have sun and clear weather, that can change on a dime. If you host a party outside, you could end up running inside to finish the party. That’s no fun if you haven’t set the house up for all the guests. When you choose a party in a bowling centre, you can stay nice and dry no matter what the weather is like or how the temperature gets.

No Need to Clean Your House

If you have your child’s birthday party at your own home, you’re going to have a ton of cleaning to do. You must clean the house up spic and span before the party and then you have to clean up all over against once the fun and games are over. You know how kids can be and you can expect to see sticky handprints or soda spills in your home that have to be cleaned up quickly. Instead, choose a bowling centre and leave the cleaning to someone else.

Fun Games and Entertainment

You might think a bowling centre is nothing more than a place to bowl, but that isn’t true anymore. Most bowling centres have tons of arcades games. Some of them even offer laser tag or other entertainment. This is certainly enough to excite your young guests and ensure they have a lot of fun. The adults can enjoy some bowling while the kids play video games and have a blast at the same time.

Great Food and Beverage Options

It’s not always simple to come up with a menu for a group of children and their parents. This can be especially hard if any of the children have food allergies. With a bowling centre, you get the option of all sorts of foods and no need to prepare anything special for a guest. There will also be adult foods for the parents, so they aren’t forced to eat nuggets with the kids.

If you’ve never considered a party at a bowling centre, today might be the day to think about it. It offers all sorts of conveniences and the kids are sure to have a great time.

The Basics of Laser Tag: What You Need to Know

If you’re familiar with air soft or paintball, laser tag is fairly similar to both. However, it’s a lot safer and doesn’t leave you covered in paint at the end of the day. There’s no need for special safety equipment since you don’t actually shoot projectiles at other people. Instead, safe laser beams are used to gain points for “shooting” your opponents. If you want to know more about laser tag, read on, because we’re going to offer the basics.

Basics of a Laser Tag Game

If you want to get some exercise and have a ton of fun at the same time, laser tag might be the right game for you. It takes place in an arena with players who wear vests with sensors and carry laser guns. Many of the arenas are indoors although some are also available outside. Some individuals enjoy playing the game for fun, others like to play it as a sport. Both groups and single players can take part in the same, and some people build teams and are competitive with the game.

Technology Behind Laser Tag

Many bowling centres offer laser tag, which involves handguns that offer a laser beam and include a signal tracker. The laser is used to target and to make the game more fun, while the tracker sends information out when the laser is actually fired. The information is then collected by a computer for the game. It takes care of determining who fired shots and which targets were hit. Because of this, laser tag is a fun game for anyone of any age.

Rules for the Game

Every venue is going to have their own rules for a laser tag game. Sometimes the players themselves can set up the rules to use. This will determine how many lives each person has, what the firing rate is, what tagging does to the tagged individual, and more. Some of the most common games include capture the flag, capture the base, and defend the VIP. Keep in mind that physical contact is not allowed during these games and may result in penalties.

Where to Play Laser Tag

While there are all sorts of venues that offer laser tag, one of the easiest to access is the local bowling centre. Many of them offer nice arena setups and the games are inexpensive. You can enjoy some bowling food between games or even check out some of the arcade games. The sky is the limit and you aren’t stuck with one form of entertainment if it turns out not to be your cup of tea. So give it a shot and see if it’s the sport for you!

Selecting the Perfect Venue for a Child’s Birthday Party

When you have a baby or even a toddler, choosing a venue for a birthday party is fairly simple. You host at home or pick somewhere the parents want to go. However, when the kids grow up a little, the activities at the party should be focused on the child and their interests. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be somewhere parents won’t enjoy too. There are options that work for everyone involved and we can help you find out what will work for you.

Think About Personality

You want to choose a venue the kids will enjoy above all else. If your child loves sports or is active, that might mean that a bowling centre is a great idea. This options even leaves room for kids who have different personalities since many alleys also have video games and other forms of entertainment. If your kid loves art, find somewhere they can indulge in that. The options are out there if you take some time to think about it.

Consider Hidden Costs

You are going to want to think about costs, of course, but not all of them are obvious all the time. Some venues will include everything you need in one package, like many bowling centres, while others might have extra fees for different aspects of the experience. Make sure you ask questions about what is included and what charges are extra before you choose the right venue for the party.

Ponder the Right Time of Day

What you don’t want is to choose a time of day for the party where the kids will be cranky or tired. Think about how your child reacts over the course of an average day and let that guide your decision. Some kids may have a naptime that you want to avoid, while others may want alone time at some part of the day. Think about when your child is most active and happy for the best birthday experience.

Find a Location Near Home

You want to find a location that is close to home for you and the other guests. Adults will appreciate is the party is convenient to get to. This also applies to the length of the party. In most cases, a couple of hours is long enough for everyone to have fun and not be wishing to go home early. Parents and kids are often busy, and you want to be mindful about the other things going on in their lives.

Take these tips together and you can find a venue that works well for your child’s next party. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, kids can have fun doing almost anything. You’ll have a great party that the kids will remember.

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